Midwest Rugby Football Union

*  Flights/Travel   If your appointment includes a flight, please research costs ASAP to keep costs down.    Any flights over $225 must be approved by Dave Carter or Al Klemp.  If at all possible, contact the host team for game day airport travel and or hotel pick-up.  If your flight includes and overnight stay, please do your best to find a reasonably prices hotel.  Same goes for cars...please look for the best value.....no town cars allowed.

*  Reimbursements  Reimbursements will be made as quickly as possible.  If your match does NOT include any receipts, you can submit your reimbursement form electronically.  If you do have receipts, please just send your reimbursement form ONCE with your receipts.    Reimbursements are paid with bill-pay.  We reimburse for either rental car/gas OR miles .30 per miles..but not miles AND gas.  The match fee remains at $40 per game.  We do not reimburse for meals...sorry.

*  Contacting teams  Please contact your host team ASAP to find out about any time changes/location changes etc...  exchange cell phone information with your contact in case of game day emergencies.   Please inform the allocations committee (Al, Dave, Fred) of any issues ASAP.